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Tai McClellan Maaz

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Tai McClellan Maaz is the newly appointed Nitrogen Program Director with the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI). Prior to Dr. Maaz’s appointment to IPNI, she held a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) Post-doctoral Fellowship at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington. Tai received her Ph.D. from Washington State University (Soil Science) in 2014, her M.Sc. from the University of Hawaii at Manoa-Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences in 2010, and her B.Sc. from the Manoa-Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences in 2007. As a Ph.D. student, she received training in the National Science Foundation (NSF) Integrated Graduate Education Research Training (IGERT)’s Nitrogen Systems: Policy-oriented Integrated Research and Education (NSPIRE) program. Dr. Maaz’s Ph.D. research led to recommended economic optimal nitrogen rates for canola in Eastern Washington, and she also examined the impact of nitrogen supply, available water, and rotational effects on nitrogen use efficiency.


2014 Ph.D. Washington State University-Soil Science
2010 M.S. University of Hawaii at Manoa-Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences
2007 B.S. University of Hawaii at Manoa-Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences
2005 A.A. Virginia Highlands Community College-Horticulture

Awards & Recognition

2016 Recipient, USDA-NIFA AFRI Post-doctoral Fellowship

2014 Third place, Ph.D. Graduate Student Oral Competition 1. Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition SSSA Division. ASA-CSSA-SSSA Annual Meetings, Long Beach, CA

2014 Recipient, College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Science’s (CAHNRS) Interdisciplinary Team Award in recognition of researchers of the Washington Oilseed Cropping Systems program

2013 Recipient, International Plant Nutrient Institute Scholar Award

2013 Second Place, Western Society of Crop Science Graduate Student Oral Presentation Competition, Western Society of Crop Science Meeting, Pendleton, OR

2010 Recipient, NSF IGERT NSPIRE Traineeship, Washington State University

2009 Second Place, Soil Biology and Biochemistry Division Graduate Student Poster Competition, ASA-CSSA-SSSA Annual Meetings, Pittsburgh, PA

Selected Publications

Pan, W.L., T.M. Maaz, I.J. Madsen, M. Reese, W.A. Hammac, D. Wysocki, J.B. Davis. M. Wingerson, J. Brown. 2017. 4R nutrient management when integrating canola into semi-arid wheat. Crop and Soils Magazine. 50:22-26.
Maaz, T.M. and W.L. Pan. Accepted. Residual fertilizer, crop sequence, and water availability impact rotational nitrogen balances.

Maaz, T. M., W. Schillinger, S. Machado, E. Brooks, J. Maynard-Johnson, L. Port, F. L. Young, I. Leslie, A. Glover, I. Madsen, A. Esser, H. Collins, W.L. Pan. 2017. Impact of climate change adaptation strategies on winter wheat and cropping system performance across precipitation gradients in the inland Pacific Northwest. Frontiers in Environmental Science. 5: 1-20.

Maaz, T.M., J.D. Wulfhorst, V. McCracken, J. Kirkegaard, D.R. Huggins, I. Roth, H. Kaur, W.L. Pan. In press. Economic, policy, and social trends and challenges of introducing oilseed and pulse crops into dryland wheat rotations. Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Environment.

Borrelli, K., T. Maaz, W. Pan, H. Tao, P. Carter. In press. Soil Fertility Management. In Yorgey, G. and C. Kruger, (eds.) Advances in Sustainable Dryland Farming in the Inland Pacific Northwest, Washington State University Extension Publication EM108, Pullman, WA.

Maaz, T.M., W.L. Pan, W.A. Hammac. 2016. Influence of soil nitrogen and water supply on canola nitrogen use efficiency. Agronomy Journal. 108: 1-11.

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