12 Jul 2017

Progress in Reducing Nutrient Loss in the Mississippi River Basin – But Effects on Gulf Hypoxia Still Lag

This report identifies trends in nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) use from 1987 to 2012, Mississippi River Basin and sub-Basin partial N and P balances, hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico, and highlights progress toward reductions in nutrient losses.

24 Apr 2016

4R Decision-Making Guide: Nitrogen

When decisions are made regarding the 4R’s there are many benefits, including better crop growth, decreased nutrient leakage to the environment, and the protection of natural areas and wildlife.

02 Feb 2016

Do high yielding soybeans need to be fertilized with nitrogen?

Soybeans are effective scavengers of available soil nitrogen, but they are recognized for their ability to "manufacture" the majority of their own nitrogen needs via biological nitrogen fixation. That biological nitrogen fixation depends on a symbiotic association with specialized bacteria that liv

24 Jul 2015

VIDEO: Nitrogen Fertilizer: Its Importance and Responsible Use

Let's meet nitrogen, one of our essential building blocks of life and a vital part of every cell, plant, insect and animal. This video describes how and why modern nitrogen fertilizer was developed, as well as the strategies farmers use to grow healthier and higher yielding crops with nitrogen ferti

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